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Pilgrimage Aviation specializes in door to door Helicopter Charter Services. Starting from Heli-Taxies to  efficient services of Dham Yatras, we offer you a unique travelling experience, a chance to saving your time to paying homage to lords & enjoy refreshing moments in the lap of nature. We ensure comfortable & convenient  helicopter rides which save a lot of travel time and give you a chance to explore the serene and picturesque surroundings. The helicopter services also ensure that the landslides and obscure factors do not deter your travel.

Pilgrimage Aviation aims at providing you with competitive quotes for your helicopter charter itinerary. In a large and congested city, helicopter transfers can make a huge difference to your travel time. They can also be combined with private jet or airline flights as a fast connection into the city centre from distant airports.

Pioneers In Dham Yatras

Pioneers in travel and hospitality business that specialise in ‘Dham Yatras’, we make your travel stress free and safe.

With an experience of over 12 years in hospitality services through Sarovar Portico, Badrinath (the only 5 star hotel in the area) we have time and again gathered expertise and in turn earned respect and appreciation through frequent travellers and visitors.

With ‘Pilgrimage Aviation’, we can plan and manage your Dham Yatras in the best possible manner with utter ease and safety. We understand the requirements and sentiments of religious travels and hence appreciate that sometimes things just need to be done in time. That’s why we make the process simple to understand and your travel complete in itself by providing one stop solution for Helicopter rides, helicopter charters, luxurious stay, hygienic meals and VIP Darshan at all temples.

Pioneers in travel and hospitality business that specialise in ‘Dham Yatras’, we make your travel stress free and safe.

India a country of more than 1.3 billion people has fewer than 200 civilian helicopters in operation. About 40 in the private category, 15 with the para-military and 25 with state governments make up the rest in a total fewer than 300 civil helicopters in the whole country.

To put that into perspective, Sau Paulo in Brazil has more than 450 helicopters. U.S. air medical provider Air Methods has more helicopters than all of India.

The helicopter scene in India is also a story of stark contrasts. In a country where more than 20% of the population subsist on less than Rs. 200 a day, Bollywood superstars take a helicopter from Juhu to Vasai a distance of less than 50 km to escape Mumbai traffic.

Per a 2015 Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) study, this figure is expected to grow to 800 in the next two decades, with the nation’s Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) expected to be the main enabler of this growth.


One of the major reasons for growth in the business and General Aviation markets in India is the rising revenues of Indian corporates and the increasing number of high-net-worth individuals. Another crucial factor which has spurred the growth of non-scheduled aviation is that commercial flights are mostly limited to metropolitan areas and large cities and not to the smaller cities in the hinterland. Most business jet and helicopter manufac- turers are optimistic regarding the lucrative potential of the Indian GA market.Tier II and Tier III cities in India have shown huge potential for the development of GA. Home to between two million and four million people each, these cities are local and regional centres for manufacturing, trading and logistics. There is also a growing demand for travel to such towns for which some may opt for business aviation.

A private helicopter operator from India, recently launched quick helicopter shuttles between Bengaluru airport and Bangalore’s “Electronic City” with a Bell 407. Its competitors include ground transportation providers Uber, Ola, airport shuttle buses and cab rentals that can take two hours per trip. 97% of foreign tourists arrive in India by air, and tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner. Yet, many cities and tourist destinations are poorly connected with the nearest airports.









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